Vote Yes On 5, April 4th!

Kansas City it's time for a new approach to marijuana policy. Question 5 is a compassionate alternative to the current system. No more jail for nonviolent offenders, harm for our communities, or wasted tax dollars. The punishment should fit the crime. Vote YES on 5!

Vote Yes on 5, April 4th!

What is YES on 5?

Together, we can vote to end unfair penalties for personal marijuana possession. Last year, almost 1,000 marijuana arrests were made in Kansas City for possession. Current marijuana policy damages communities, hurts the justice system, and robs good people of future opportunities. Big change starts small. Vote YES on 5 Kansas City! Read the full April 4th ballot here.




Nearly 1,000 arrests were made in Kansas City in 2016 for minor marijuana possession. Their families and communities are the ones who end up shouldering the burden. It's an unjust punishment for a nonviolent crime. QUESTION 5 ends detainment, arrest, and jail as punishment for personal marijuana possession.


Marijuana possession in Missouri can result in thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees. These unfair fines are even harder on the poor and young. QUESTION 5 limits these fines to $25 for personal amounts of marijuana.


We can make Kansas City safer by decriminalizing marijuana. QUESTION 5 gives law officers the opportunity to focus on serious crime, rather than minor marijuana infractions.


A marijuana arrest leads to loss-of-opportunity in neighborhoods that are already hurting. It’s hard to go to school or get a job when you have a criminal record. QUESTION 5 reduces the stigma related to possession. This makes for a brighter future after dealing with the law. Let’s make Kansas City a stronger community with sensible marijuana policy: VOTE YES ON 5!